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Vspace Create is Hong Kong’s first co-working space dedicated to designers and garments manufacturers. The space provides the ideal working environment for designers to inspire and innovate.

As we take care of the heavy lifting, our creatives get to focus on what they do best: dream, innovate, design and make amazing products.

We’ve brought together creative and manufacturing under one single roof – meaning our members can go from first concept to initial prototype, brainstormed redesigns to perfected final product, all within Vspace Create’s inspiring walls.

Membership and Services


Ideal for small teams, our inspiring studios combine the ideal-for-purpose robust industrial interiors of a manufacturing hub with the sharp lines of a contemporary global business centre


An anchoring point within the natural flow of our creative hub, at a dedicated desk, your work is secured and always exactly where you want it, ensuring continuity is king.


For those who work nimbly, hot-desking can be the ideal solution. Hotdesk spots work daily on a first-come, first-serve basis, with your in-office hours feeling fresh and dynamic.


We know the needs of growth-stage companies can change at a moment’s notice. That’s why we provide day-passes for each membership type. This tailored solution ensures that you have complete workspace flexibility

Address and Mail Services

24/7 Access

Access to Luxury S-Lounge

Business grade internet and WiFi

Tailored Events

Stylish private booths

Nespresso coffee & premium tea

Meeting room credits

Lockable room with keyless entry

Guests welcome

Fully furnished office

Daily housekeeping

Business quality printers

Business hour reception desk

additional Services

Design Consultation for Knitwear​

Shima Seiki Computerised Auto Machines​

Linking Machine


Machine & Hand Embroidery​

Hand Crochet​

Industrial Pressing​

Measuring Table​

Sewing Table​

Washing and Finishing​

Imported Mannequins​

Looping Tools​

Room 904, Riley House, 88 Lei Muk Road, Kwai Chung, N.T. HK
+852 2489 7359
+852 6856 5655

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